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Change In Peckham

Peckham has been transforming rapidly over the last few years, and we have invited local artists Eugene Ofolie Codjoe and John Yabrifa, to share their art and their takings on what's being going on. 

Eugene, owns the ECAD Gallery on Consort Road as well as being a professional photographer himself. He has been living in Peckham for the last 20 years, and will be sharing some of his work, and personal stance on what is going on. 

John Yabrifa, is also a London Based photographer. John was born in Peckham, but moved away and travelled as he worked and has just recently come back to find Peckham quite a different place. John is passionate for not just taking photographs, but the theory and science behind photography, and will be presenting and sharing his work along side Eugene! 

The night will consist of a short introduction of the History of Peckham, and then Eugene and John shall share their work and thoughts. We would then love to invite all of those who have lived in Peckham all their life, or those who are very new to the area, to share and dicuss the changes going on around us! 
There will of course be all the Stillroom Menu, Wine and Goods to see you through the evening! 

This is an open event and free to all, bring along anyone you feel may be interested. 

Looking forward to seeing you there, 

The StillRoom

Later Event: April 11
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